Take 5: Best Comic-book Beat’em up videogames.

Comics translate so easily into the fighting game genre due to the vast array of cool and colorful characters that have been created over time. DC and Marvel in particular have their rosters full of classic characters and storylines that thrive in the video game market. Most of the time. There have been some duds (and ill be honest one has snuck its way on to this list for reasons elaborated in the list), but c’mon, who doesnt want to pull off a combo with Batman or land a super that takes up half the screen with Cyclops. Its just too much fun. Continue reading

Underrated Actors: Bill Paxton

Some actors, no matter how good they are in nearly every movie, don’t get the credit they deserve when compared to globally popular movie icons. In the first of a series of articles that delve into these under appreciated men and women’s filmograpies, who work so hard in the movies we love, I will be going over the sadly departed Bill Paxton’s most memorable roles.

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