Movie Marathon – The Vampires

Movie Marathons. The best laid plan to share the movies you love with a bunch of buddies. But let’s be honest, sometimes it never works out the way you plan. Whether its arguments over the choice of what to watch, or the order to watch it in, it’s an unwanted stress that can ruin a film fans idea of a great night.

But don’t worry, trust me, and let me sort it for you with the first of my Movie Marathon lists. Every one perfectly tailored to keep your friends interested and more importantly, awake. With themes, running times and genre all accounted for, all you have to think about is what Doritos to buy.

First genre being tackled…..Vampire movies y’all.

dractular                     (Picture from

(The theatrical ones)

Bram Stokers Dracula: So theatrical it hurts. So theatrical it melted Keanu Reeves brain worse than the matrix. Acting greats Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins serve so much ham, they could cater a wedding….for people who really like ham? Anyway, no matter how many hilarious flaws it has, the production value and style is worth a Gander.

Run time: 2h 35m

Interview with a Vampire: A little more serious than Bram Stokers but matches it beat for beat for Theatrical set pieces. The cast is suitably A-list but it’s the star turn from the then unknown Kirsten Dunst that elevates this movie higher than Tom Cruises characters lift shoes.

Run time: 2h 3m

Nosferatu: The grand-daddy of horror movies let alone the vampire genre. Leaving this silent masterpiece till the end of the night is sure to leave your fellow marathoners with some extremely unpleasant dreams. Still one of the only films to put the shivers into me.

Run time: 1h 34m

Lost Boys                       (Picture from

(The 80s ones)

Near Dark: Katheryn Bigelow’s debut effort isn’t without its rough patches throughout, but one thing everyone has to agree on, Bill Paxton’s portrayal of the menacing vampire Severen fricking rules. The bar scene alone is worth sitting through the whole movie.

Run time: 1h 39m

The Lost Boys: A lighter approach to the 80s vampire flick. Joel Schumacher’s best effort before somehow managing to make Batman camper than the 60s version. A quintessentially 80s soundtrack and a fantastic supporting cast, make this movie a lot better than it should be.

Run time: 1h 38m

Fright Night: I’m sneaking in a personal favourite here. I’ll admit that the remake is a damn good effort but for me it can’t touch this classic. The premise of a vampire that moves in next door is one that is almost straight out of a kid’s imagination. What elevates this movie beyond typical fare is the surprisingly good special effects and tongue in cheek tone.

Run time: 1h 48m

Blade                       (Picture from

(The Modern ones)

Daybreakers: A really cool set up in a world that is controlled by vampires and humans are the dwindling food resource. Mixing the vampire mythos with a dystopian vision of the future works so well that it has become a future cult classic. The cast, headlined by Ethan Hawke, Sam Neil and Willem Dafoe prove that if you put the effort, you can make even the craziest plot work.

Run time: 1h 38m

Stakeland: What do you get when you cross the walking dead with a vampire’s? Well this bleak bastard right here. Hopelessly apocalyptic from the get go and not letting up at all, Stakeland shakes off the shackles of its low budget to create something genuinely scary.

Run time: 1h 36m

Blade: A super hero flick before they were cool and gave us possibly the greatest trance song of all time. Now those reasons aside there is plenty to like in this movie. Wesley Snipes owns the Role of the titular Vampire hunting daywalker. So much so that the Blade of the comics eventually started to emulate him. Blade is a vampire movie through and through though, and does enough to add to the vampiric canon for good.

Run time: 2h

Vampires Kiss                             (Picture from

(The funny ones)

Vampires kiss: The movie that is the catalyst that let fly a thousand Nicholas Cage meme’s. His performance is so insane that it’s hard to believe that he is from this earth, let alone how someone greenlighted this nutty masterpiece. Although called ‘Vampires Kiss’ is technically about vampires, it’s really a look at the effect the 80s ‘yuppie’ lifestyle has….who am I kidding, it’s got Nic Cage acting batshit crazy. We all know that’s what you came to see.

Run time: 1h 43m

From Dusk till Dawn: Now there is no greater gift that showing From Dusk till Dawn to someone who has no prior knowledge of this movie. Literally half the movie is a straight up Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino gangster movie, with George Clooney and Tarantino himself playing two despicable bank robbers who take Harvey Keitel’s lapsed preacher and his family hostage and over the border to Mexico then BAM! Vampire strippers. That was a spoiler wasn’t it? Crap. Ignore that, watch this damn movie.

Run time: 1h 48m

John Carpenters Vampires: Another Vamp movie set in the American desert. You’d think creatures that are allergic to sunlight would steer clear of some of the sunniest places on earth. But luckily they keep popping up to make awesome Vampire/ Western mashups. This movie could be possibly the last good film from John Carpenter, and to be honest this film could’ve been trash. One thing propels this film into awesomeness. James Wood’s and the filth that comes from his mouth. Seriously, it’s like a filthy zinger every 5 minutes. Glorious stuff.

Run time: 1h 48m

So that’s enough vampire films to keep you busy for a marathon or two. Throw me a suggestions for any type of Marathon you want. Saves me from y’know, doing actual work.



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