Film Autopsy – Ghost Busters 2016

Ghost Busters(Picture from:

I’d be hard pressed to find a film that had as negative a reception before it was even released. From the obvious naysayers who are reluctant to see such a tent pole of their nostalgic past remade. To the far less forgivable collection of trolls and bigots who rather predictably had a problem with the major change to the original, the change being that the Ghostbusters are now women.

Now I’d like to think I am not a sexist asshole or bigoted in anyway however, I did not feel like viewing the movie in the cinema. I glanced past it while at home trying to decide what to watch with my girlfriend. “What about Ghostbusters?” she asked. The feeling of unease swept over me. I did say I wasn’t in the bigot camp right? Well unfortunately that means I am plonked squarely in the nostalgic naysayers group. I’m the kind of guy that just doesn’t understand how you cannot like the original Ghostbusters. The first film was a nearly perfect movie. Wit, slapstick, scares and really good performances from the main and supporting cast alike. So with all my love for the previous two Ghostbusters movies (and the two animated series) I grudgingly agreed to plunge head first into the modern take on a 80s classic.

It was shit.

Straight up, neon painted, unfunny, shit.

You know what’s worse. It was disappointing. The talent involved was actually quite encouraging. Kristen Wigg, Melissa Mcarthy, Kate Mckinnon and Leslie Jones have all shown that they can do comedy and do it well. In fact they are all well-known for their comedy showings. I’m pretty sure you have to have some comedic talent to be asked on Saturday Night Live, just as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis were from the original movies. I mean that in itself matches up so well but in the end it means nothing. The movie made me laugh maybe once, but I’m not even too sure about that. It might’ve been a cough. The jokes just do not land, you can see them coming about 5 seconds before they happen. It’s a similar effect to when you’re about to lay a zinger on someone who just insulted you, but you hesitate, stumble over what you wanted to say, and miss the moment. The Ghostbusters reboot’s comedic style is pretty much this made celluloid.

Maybe the worst sin this movie makes is the waste of obvious talent and it is nowhere more apparent than with the use of the cast members from the original movies and their cameos. None of them were impressive or memorable, but most unbelievable of all this is that they managed to make Bill Murray dull. Even on a bad day at work, Bill Murray will at least be memorable. But nah, not here. Can’t even remember his character’s name. In fact I can’t even remember the main cast characters names. Holtzman? Was Holtzman one? Genuinely don’t know.

Wow, that turned into a bit of a rant.

A disappointment from start to finish but hopefully that doesn’t make me a troll for saying so.

Give it a chance, but then rant about how bad it was. Worked for me. It was quite cathartic.


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