The Best of Buddies

Part 1

It’s said good friends are hard to find, but in the land of TV make believe, examples of great dynamic duos can be plentiful. This ten strong list will celebrate the best buddy pairings that may not be iconic in the grandest sense, but the chemistry and fun that the two friends exude, make for great TV.

Larry David & Jeff Greene


Curb your enthusiasm is focused on the misanthropic adventures of Seinfield creator Larry David as he alienates and offends all around him, but there is one person who has always stood by his side, no matter what hilariously awkward situation he gets into. No not his long suffering wife Cheryl, it’s Larry’s Manager Jeff who refuses to be pushed away by Larry’s anti-social behaviour. The fact that Larry is also willing to brave a bollocking from Jeff’s hell-firey (cos’ firey isn’t enough to describe her) wife Susie takes their buddy-hood far past just a manager and talent relationship.

Xander Harris & Willow Rosenberg


Two thirds of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s original Scooby gang (Giles doesn’t count) were ever present through this series’ 7 season run. Both have had their own unique character arc with Willow transforming from quiet, shy, bookworm to all powerful super witch and Xander going from geeky, smart-mouth outcast to geeky, smart-mouth construction worker…ok so one character getting a better deal than the other but that was the beautiful point. While they both take different paths, they always come back to each other. The best example of their unbreakable bond is at the end of Season six. Trust me, watch it, its good for you.

Will Graham & Hannibal Lecter


This one skirts the on the verge of a lot of things. Soulmates? Nemeses? Torturer and victim? Its messy this one, but I am going to try and boil it down to being buddies. I can’t think of two characters that understand each other on a psychological level better. Not that it didn’t take a lot of work to get to that point, with Hannibal trying to get into Wills head in both metaphysically and pretty darn physically (I’m looking at you, surgical saw) and Will trying to see things from Hannibal’s perspective so he can catch him. Both characters delve so far into what makes each of them tick that they can no longer be separate. Ok so ‘buddies’ gives this one a false sense of cuddliness…

Seth Bullock & Sol Star 


Seth and Sol walked into the lawless town of Deadwood to do one thing. Set up a reputable hardware store. Both just wanted to make an honest living in a dishonest town, but yeah, that did not happen. Clearly the most morally upstanding characters on the show, it was fun watching Seth wrestling with the idea of becoming the town sheriff, with Sol acting as his voice of reason whenever Bullocks temper started getting the better of him. Sure sometimes that temper did get out of control but to be fair, Sol was probably too busy being shot, punched or chasing a prostitute with a heart of gold. As you do.

Titus Pullo & Lucius Vorenus


The classic best buds, not just because they are situated the furthest back in historical setting, but the HBO series Rome is one of the original vanguard of high concept, epic television that is so prevalent today. As good as Rome is, without the two everyman war buddies to follow through arguably ancient Rome’s most important time, the show would be very hard to relate to. But follow Vorenus and Pullo we do, from their adventures as legionnaires to the first examples of the mafia, all the while getting mixed up in all those sweet, sweet real life events. Fun fact, there is a historical basis for Pullo and Vorenus, as they both appeared in Julius Caesar’s Commentarii de Bello Gallico, though they’ve been they’ve had their characters expanded somewhat.

Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson


Translating perfectly onto the screen from the comic-books is no small feat, see the first attempt at this friendship in the derided Daredevil movie. The Netflix Daredevil series though, gets this right mainly because it reveals Matts super-heroic identity to Foggy pretty early on in its run. This allows Foggy to step up his emotional and moral support of Matt, instead of acting like a clueless doofus, which has happened (god the 2003 movie hangs over this like a bad smell) but luckily not this time. Foggy might not think being Daredevil is a healthy thing for Matt and can sometimes push that opinion hard, but to be honest, Matt needs that.

Think there are any that I missed? Well part two will follow shortly but I am always open to suggestions so get commenting!

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