Take 5: series that outstayed their welcome

When you live long enough to see yourself become a crap TV show.


Scrubs was a comedy powerhouse when it was at its peak. Growing up in the early 200s meant that its theme tune was ever present in your head due to it being shown almost constantly on the E4 channel. In a lot of ways, in terms of exposure in the UK, Scrubs was the Big Bang Theory of its time, but ten times less absolute dogshit. The similarity between the shows is the really aggressive amount they’ve been repeated on various channels, in the UK at least. The Shows demise came when a great deal of the cast either left or cut their involvement with the show to a few guest spots. Love him or loathe him, Zach Braff’s character J.D was an integral focal point in scrubs and its plots, there might be funnier characters, but in season 9 , with the introduction of a few underwhelming interns for the remaining characters like Dr Cox and Dr Turk to interact with, the show just felt like it went on for one season too long.

How I met Your MotherHow-I-Met-Your-Mother-920x584

With strong performances from the ensemble cast, aside from the (in my opinion) unlikable main character of Ted, whose whiny and frankly needy quest to find the woman of his dreams while filling in the blanks of the story of how he met his kids mum, which he is reciting in flashbacks. Yes there are some genuinely funny jokes and themes that run through the show, none more so than Neil Patrick Harris, who plays the uber douche Barney, but it’s the unnecessary stretching out of Teds journey that really makes this series run feel over long. It also ended with such a rush to tie up loose ends without any real payoff that even some of the shows stars like Alyson Hannigan came out and said that the shows end was disappointing. It’s a shame that its bloated 208 episodes wasnt cut down a third as it wouldn’t have felt like it was being dragged out because they could not think of a satisfying conclusion.

My Name is Earl618158

A fantastic original premise was the star of this show. A rather stereotypical slacker hillbilly Earl played by Jason Lee, after being hit with some bad luck i.e getting put into a coma after getting totaled by a car causing him to lose his winning lottery ticket, Earl decides that karma is behind. Earl writes a list of people he has wronged (and there is a lot of those) and sets off to make amends. Yes the characters are well acted and charismatic, but the show basically commits narrative suicide when Earl seems to come away from his karma list quest and…well…does some other stuff? Ends up in a coma again? Something about his ex-wife? It should have stuck with the awesome and almost never-ending potential of the karma list and wrapped it up nicely with that.

The Simpsonssimpsons-fox-season-29-ratings-cancel-renew-season-30-590x257

I know the Simpsons is a juggernaut of pop culture, an institution of TV for as long as I have been on this earth, but when was the last time it was actually hilariously funny? The movie maybe? The Simpsons unfortunately decided to focus on the celebrity cameos instead of solid storytelling around the plethora of great characters that Springfield has to offer. Also the biggest niggling complaint I have personally, is the insanely quick and sloppy editing that goes on in the 2000’s onward era of the Simpsons. It’s like the arrival of Family Guy as competition forced them to adopt a quick-fire approach to telling jokes, and it really doesn’t work when compared to the stellar mid 90s episodes that propelled The Simpsons to the top of TV ratings. Arguments can be made that they should have gone out redeemed by the decent movie, and I agree with them.

2 and a Half MenTwo-and-a-Half-Men-two-and-a-half-men-24621700-1280-800

When you are already relying on Charlie Sheen to provide laughs you are in a crappy situation. Take him away and replace him with Ashton Kutcher, who you can barely call an actor you literally have nothing. This is a show I would have happily seen put down at the first hurdle.

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