Take 5: Worst Movie Presidents

Being the Commander in chief is a tough job, that’s obvious. Having to deal with Alien Invasions, Rebellious teens or your crops dying off due to Mountain Dew saturation would try even the most stead fast of presidents. Unfortunately these 5 POTUS examples failed to rise to adversity and truly suck at their jobs. 

President James Dale- Mars Attacks

James Dale

When Martians decide to obliterate the population of earth, in a number of hilarious and complex ways i might add, the world needs a strong leader to take to the fore. Think Bill Pullman in Independence day with his rousing speeches and facing down the Alien horde in his own fighter jet. James Dale though(Played by the one and only Jack Nicholson) is the complete opposite to a heroic president. Completely out of his depth the entire time, falling for every trick the Martians throw at him and always on the retreat till he finds himself holed up in a bunker while the rest of the world is being devastated. Even hiding doesn’t put off his inevitable demise as, after an almost worthy speech about peace to the martian ambassador, he falls for the old fake hand is actually a deadly scorpion robot trick. How can you fall for that one? Whatta chump.

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho- Idiocracy


Even though President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would be the purest example of awesomeness in wrestling or Hair product advertising (seriously look at that mane) he is unfortunately not cut out for politics by any sane standards. Of course President Camacho (played by the always awesome Terry Crews) is presiding over a future where the world is so painfully dumb so that should give him a chance to be the best of the rest, which in a way he is, but some of his policies are so disastrous that it nearly ends civilization altogether. By irrigating crops with Mountain Dew instead of water he proves that he is either extremely lacking in the brain department, or that he is completely under the thumb of corporations, which if you look at his full title, might be the most likely. Cool hair though.

President Coriolanus Snow

President Snow

Not only has this President of the dystopian districts of Panem, overseen a society where its cool to throw a bunch of teens into a fight to the death because of a rebellion ages ago or something? I’ll be honest, i’ve avoided this franchise as i have every other teen sc-fi offering that tries to force its way into a franchise, but i know a shitty president when i see one. Not only is he played by Donald Sutherlund who can play a bastard with the best of them, he thinks its a great idea to stop rebellions by basically pissing off all the people by choosing a bunch of them to die in a Battle Royal like deathmatch. Such hubris i assume gets repaid as he lets a bunch of teens lead by a young lady armed with a bow and arrow otherthrow him…i assume, unless he wins which still keeps him on the list for y’know, murdering a bunch of Kids.

President Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Simpsons Movie


What happens when  you pallet swap Rainier Wolfcastle aka McBain from blonde to brown hair? You get the the man he was created to parody and who has had a career in politics in the real world but never the top job, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why is the former Governator is on this list (does this mean i have to call him the Presinator for this?) because as cool as Arnie is, you cant quarantine a town under a glass dome then decide to nuke it for one, and make that decision on a pick an envelope basis. I really hope thats not actually jow policy is decided in ‘Merica.

President Donald Trump- Real Life?


A ‘Successful’ reality TV star does the unthinkable by even his own thinking, he becomes U.S President. But theres a Twist, hes possibly a Russian mole intent on bringing down the U.S.A to a Racist and classless level similar to his own. Mocking and disparaging women, immigrants, ethnic minorities, the LGBQT community, war veterans and probably more, while siding with murderous dictators such as Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. Will he succeed in his mis…. wait this is real life? Seriously? We are so screwed aren’t we. How can you be worse than alien invasions and sanctioned death matches?

So those are my feckless fivesome of bad prez’s, did i miss any? sound off in the comments if i did.

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