5 Best Animated Movies (That ain’t Disney)

We all know that Disney is the company to beat when it comes to animated feature films. It’s been that way since Steamboat Mickey Mouse first started whistling down the stream and it’s not let up since the jump to computer generated animation. But what about the competition? Hasn’t any other production company come close to rivalling Disney? The short answer is yes, a few, but it’s up to you whether this list has actually bettered Disney’s output.

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Film Autopsy – Thor Ragnarok

Thor-Ragnarok-Soundtrack (Picture From https://www.tirto.id)

The expectations were high going into this one. The marketing leading up to this movie was spot on, every trailer drawing you further in with all the pretty colours and slick synth blaring out in the background, this was less Thor: The Dark world and more Thor: Neon and funk in your face world. The comic that were sourced are also highly thought of in the comic-reading world. Thor Disassembled (Ragnarok and the like going down) and perhaps more interesting as it’s not actually a Thor comic, Planet Hulk (kind of speaks for itself). Yup, they have a Hulk. Again. It seems that you can never have too much hulk in a Marvel movie, especially when he is very well woven into the plot.

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Film Autopsy – Ghost Busters 2016

Ghost Busters(Picture from: http://www.theodysseyonline.com/open-letter-to-the-haters-of-the-new-ghostbusters-movie)

I’d be hard pressed to find a film that had as negative a reception before it was even released. From the obvious naysayers who are reluctant to see such a tent pole of their nostalgic past remade. To the far less forgivable collection of trolls and bigots who rather predictably had a problem with the major change to the original, the change being that the Ghostbusters are now women.

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Film Autopsy – Wonder Woman

Image result for wonderwoman banner(Picture from http://www.screenrant.com)

Let’s be honest, the self-proclaimed DCEU (DC extended universe for those unfamiliar with comic book movies and their fancy acronyms) was on a downward spiral. When Man of Steel, the first and critically divisive first entry, is the highpoint of the franchise, you’re in trouble. But does Wonder Woman buck this trend of bad to middling movies? Short answer, yes.

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